St. Paul's Episcopal Church

12 washington Street Peabody

Serving our Community

St. Paul's is actively  engaged in the greater Peabody community.  We are part of Mayor Bonfanti's "Healthy Peabody Collaborative", working to reduce drug and alcohol use among our youth.  We participate in providing food for "Haven from Hunger" and have a modest assistance program for those in need.  

Every September, St. Paul's participates in the International Festival celebrated by the City of Peabody.

Wednesday evenings our Quilt Group meets to prepare items for parish fairs and for those in need.  It is a program for those who have an interest in blending their artistic skills with a commitment to sharing God's grace.

St. Paul's opens its doors for those who need inexpensive rental space.  Interested groups should contact the office.

Each Saturday, English language classes are offered in the Rectory for those who are newcomers to the United States.  Marcos Nascimento leads a lively ministry to Brazilians who are living in Peabody and Salem.

                                       Summer Fun Buckets

The children from the Intermediate Sunday School Class went shoping on Sunday, May 19th in order to purchase items for the summer fun buckets. They were able to purchase several items for the buckets and the final cost came in 36 cents under budget. Good job Intermediate Sunday School Class.

The following items were purchased

10 Jacks, 10 Bubbles, 5 Sidewalk Chalk, 17 Frisbees, 24 Soaker Balls, 10 Jump-ropes, 5 Paddle Balls, 5 Water Tennis and 5 Yo-Yos

The remainder of the items have been put out for parish members to purchase. Both Sunday School Classes will put the buckets together on Sunday, June 10th. They will be delivered to the Haven From Hunger on Wednesday June 20th.